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Mountain resort center

The mountain resort center includes of 6 modern gondola-type ski lifts and world-level ski slopes with various levels of complexity over 15 km long.  

The artifical snow system helps significantly increase the snow cover whenever necessary, 5 slopes have lights for night time skiing.  

The lower ski lift station features storage and changing facilities, sporting gear and accessories boutiques and multilevel indoor parking for 1200 vehicles. Today it is the only resort in Russia featuring an automatic system of ski-passes purchase through electronic terminal.  

Mountain Shelter  

The Mountain Shelter complex is operated through the entire skiing  season at Psekhako Plateau. It includes: the Shelter Restaurant, skiing gear rental, storage lockers, medical emergency and rescue service, famous sports brands boutiques. Morozko Kids Club offers beginner skiing at kids slopes.  

Transportation Office

Gazprom Mountain Resort Center owns a pool of vehicles that includes 15 trucks, 70 cars, 6 buses, 10 vans, 3 fire engines, 8 mini-loaders, 2 cleaners, 2 mini-tractors, 11 snow ploughing vehicles, 1 tractor, 19 snow mobiles, 33 electric cars.   

Laundry Service

The Laundry Service at the resort complex serves Grand Hotel Polyana and Peak Hotel - 5 tons of laundry  every day. Large and brightly lit rooms feature washing  machines and dryers, pressing tables and rolls, dry cleaning unit. The German-manufactured Bufa detergents used are among the most environmentally friendly in the world. The logistics of the laundry provide for both corporate and private customer service. All orders are handled individually with strict observance of special purpose technology chart.  

Services offered:  
  • Cleaning with the use of Bufa chemical detergents;
  • Dry cleaning - chemical cleaning of textiles with the use of solvent (ethylene tetrachloride);
  • Aqua cleaning - delicate water-based cleaning, impregnation (application of water-resistant compound).
Opening hours: 24-hours.  

Food service

A separate Food Service building is equipped with all necessary appliances for preparation of meat and vegetable semi-cooked foods for all hotel restaurants and meals for 1500 people to be served three times a day.  
The service operates the full  cycle of food preparation and processing:  
  • Meat shop: daily preparation of semi-processed meat (2 shifts);
  • Culinary shop: daily preparation (2 shifts). Full cycle of 2000 servings preparation;
  • Preparation of semi-processed almost cooked foods - 5000 servings;
  • Bakery: daily preparation (2 shifts);
  • Confectionery shop: daily preparation (2 shifts).
Bakery and confectionery shop make products for all food services of Gazprom MRC on a daily basis. The Food Services also include the warehouse group and procurement department.   

Heating and power plant (HPP)

A dedicated heating and power plant is operated within the territory of Gazprom Mountain Resort Center (MRC) with the installed capacity of 10.8 MW (6 gas turbine units with UT52 utilizer boilers and 2 Vissmann peak boilers). The HPP supplies power to the MRC facilities and new construction (including the Olympic sites). Heat and power are generated by way of utilization of gas turbine exhaust temperature.  

Diesel units (DGU)

In order to secure the fault-free power supply during external power cuts, Gazprom MRC has installed three FG Wilson diesel generators. FG Wilson is a large international manufacturer with production facilities located in Brazil, China, India, USA with the headquarters in Northern Ireland. The DGU offer huge advantages of simple startup, economic maintenance and reliability.  

Service Office 

The Service Office of Gazprom MRC performs the full scope of services of economic, material and technical support and operation of buildings and facilities. Landscaping service, repair and restoration division, parking service and procurement service employ more than 320 experts.  

The Service Office is fully equipped to perform repairs and maintenance of all levels of complexity, territory maintenance and landscaping.  

Fire depot

Fire depot with KAMAZ-based fire engine (43114) and AKP-32 KAMAZ-based mobile aerial tower (43118) are located within the territory of Gazprom MRC. The fire depot personnel is equipped with heat-resistant  TK-800 suites that provide protection at temperatures of up to +200°С and open fire protection for 20 seconds and AIR-300 SV breathing units with metal composite cylinders. These units are design to protect the human breathing organs and eyes in toxic and smoky environments within the range of  temperatures from -40 to+ 60 °С. Positive pressure under the facial mask prevents toxic gases from inhalation and damaging the eyes.      

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