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LLC «SVOD International» is ready to start cooperation at all stages of the process - from establishment of a new project startup concept to management of existing facilities with any degree of complexity. In both cases we will add value to your assets and make your business more successful.  

The principal objective of our business is to add cash and asset value to the owners and investors.       

SVOD International provides project management services at all stages of the projects implementation.     

  • Asset Strategy Development           
  • Asset Construction Concept Development           
  • Asset Construction (or construction support)           
  • Project Management           
  • Increase of asset profitability           
  • Involvement of partners and tenants        

Many years of advanced experience  in the area of  professional mangement, development and operation of commercial properties and involvement of the best-in-class experts help SVOD International achieve the following:      

  • efficiency of decisions           
  • high degree of project investment security 
  • increase of returns on investment            
  • observance of the client's interests           
  • comprehensive increase of the assets / projects value


LLC «SVOD International» offers a broad scope of services in the area of professional management, development and operation of  residential premises and commercial properties. The Company's policy is focused on improvement  of efficiency of operated facilities and increase of their profitability. More

Mission and goals

To improve the credibility of management as profession and management as a form of collaboration, itself being an acknowledged leader at the property management companies market of Russia. More