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Privacy Policy

This Agreement shall establish terms of use for the third parties (hereinafter referred to as the Users) of the Materials and Services of websites (hereinafter referred to as the Sites).

Materials - the graphic contents of the Sites, particularly: graphic solution (design) – content (texts, pictures, photographs, audiovisual content) in a form of combination and selective placement on the Sites, trade marks and related objects, sounds, links and any other information published or contained at the Sites, as well as the software code used for their playback and being a composite creative content.

1.General Terms

1.1 This Agreement constitutes a public offer By gaining access to the materials on the Sites, the User shall be deemed the party ascending to this Agreement.

1.2 The Copyright Owner shall have the right to modify the terms and conditions of this Agreement unilaterally at any time. Such modifications shall take effect upon expiry of 3 (three) days from the moment the new version of this Agreement is published on the website. Should the User have a disagreement with the introduced modification hereto, the User must discontinue the access to the Sites together with any further use of the materials and services provided by the Sites.

2. User's Obligations

2.1 The User agrees not to undertake any actions that may be viewed as violations of the Russian or international law, including the laws on intellectual property, copyright and/or related rights, as well as any actions that will or may lead to disruption of the Site and services operations.

2.2 The materials of the Sites are presented for the Users (third parties) for introductory purpose only. Any use of the materials including: republication, distribution, translation, modification, removal, transfer to unidentified group of people, including through the open communication channels, rewriting, postal delivery, playback, repeated distribution and any other copying is only allowed at the prior written consent of the Copyright Owner.

2.3 It is prohibited to use the Materials for any commercial purposes, including marketing, commercial fax delivery, by mail, by e-mail or through commercial agents/representatives or electronic media.

2.5 The User has been made aware of the fact that the Copyright Owner bears no responsibility for the User's access and use of external resources, the links to which may be contained at the Sites.

2.6 The User agrees that the Copyright Owner bears no responsibility and has no direct or implied obligations before the User with respect to any possible or actual losses or damage related to any content of the Sites, registration of copyright and information about such registration, goods or services accessible or received through any external websites or resources, or any other contacts established by the User with the use of information placed at the Sites or any external links placed thereupon.

2.7 The User shall accept the provision that all the materials and services of the Sites or any part thereof may be accompanied by advertisement. The User agrees that the Copyright Owner shall bear no responsibility or obligations with respect to such advertisement.

3. Other terms

3.1 Any possible disputes arising out of this Agreement or related thereto shall be subject to settlement in accordance with the applicable laws of the Russian Federation.

3.2 Any failure to act on behalf of the Copyright Owner in case of any violations of the Agreement terms and conditions by any of the Users shall not deny the Copyright Owner the right to take further action to defend the Owner's interests and the copyright for the materials of the Sites, protected by the applicable law.

The User hereby confirms that he/she have been made aware of any and all of the provisions of this Agreement, which he unconditionally agrees with and accepts them.