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LLC «SVOD International» provides the full scope of comprehensive commercial property management: 

•    Facility Management - management of facilities infrastructure (engineering and technical operations, infrastructure maintenance). 

•    Property Management – commercial management that includes brokerage (search and engagement of tenants), lease relationships and rotation of tenants, financial management, financial asset management to maximize profits, optimization of costs. 

•    Building Management - management at facility design stage, consultancy on selection of engineering system, development of facility operation systems, management of maintenance and techical jobs. 

•    Asset Management – trusted management that includes complete control of the owner's financial flows, consulting and operation service at the facilities.

LLC «SVOD International» provides the following services as part of the aforementioned areas of business:

•    development of actions aimed at retention and improvement of the facilities technical condition and increase of the facilities market value; 
•    creation of the facilities management budget and control over budget perfomance; 
•    organization of technical operations and cleaning services at the facilities; 
•    arrangement of utility services
•    coordination and interaction of all service units at the facilities; 
•    efforts on selection of design organizations and contractors, control of contractors perfomance; 
•    interaction of the owner with state control and supervision authorities; 
•    interaction with municipal authorities bodies to provide utility services; 
•    interaction with state and municipal authorities; 
•    comprehensive development of customer services systems (fitness center, cafeteria, restaurants, leisure facilities etc.); 
•    establishment of operation cost budget; 
•    organization of security service; 
•    preparation of facilities for opening; 
•    introduction of marketing programs; 
•    establishment and execution of full cycle of HR management: search and hire of personnel, trainig, introduction of incentive programs. 

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