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Management of hotel/accommodation facilities is a priority area of business for LLC «SVOD International»  management company.

The Russian hospitality industry is developing rapidly. Specializing in hotel facilities management service, using practical and managerial experience in hospitality, the Company acts as an expert at all stages of your facility development:
  • Hotels development (design and opening)

    • Design and construction

    • Design technical support

    • Personnel selection and training

    • Soft opening

    • Grand Opening

  • Operational management of hotels

    • Lease, management, franchising - possible options for cooperation

    • Organization of management system

    • Organization of structural business units

    • Establishment of reporting systems

    • Organization of reporting systems automation

    • Income and expense management, management accounting;

    • Strategic and business planning, budgeting;

    • Introduction of the common standards and control over observance of hotel operation requirements

    • Optimization of business processes and procedures

    • Centralized procurement management

  • Hotel operation support

    • Control over current condition of buildings and facilities

    • Facility technical support

    • Engineering, cleaning, security and parking

  • Introduction and implementation of marketing and sales programs

    • Booking system

    • Online sales

    • Organization of meetings and events

    • Loyalty programs

    • Seasonal marketing programs

    • Brand marketing

    • Sales channels

  • HR management

    • Personnel management

    • Personnel hire

    • Professional introduction and adjustment

    • Establishment of HR potential

    • HR and performance assessment

    • Organization of training

    • Management of job discipline and turnover

    • Organization of document control and performance assessment of HR services

  • Consulting

    • HR consulting

    • Operational management

    • Sales and marketing

For more information on the management of hotel complex by LLC «SVOD International» please contact us by tel: +7 (862) 259 55 95 or send us an e-mail at: 

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