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  • concept development for the modern public cultural center (PCC), sports and leisure center (SLC), trade center (TC);

  • establishment of functions composition and distribution of space, identification and placement of trade, sports and leisure zones (including floor-by-floor placement), analysis of customer demands, creation of production portfolio;

  • establishment of contract and lease relationships (lease of buildings and facilities, property rental);

  • establishment of tenants list based on the concept of PCC, SLC, TC, management of tenants pool (control over tenants activities, optimization of tenant relations;

  • establishment of loyalty system and application of long and short-term programs, development and execution of joint campaigns with tenants.

  • Management of advertisement space lease (pricing, advertisement space presentations, manufacturing of advertisement media, production, installation/dismantling, advertisement image maintenance).

  • process management for marketing and advertisement promotion of companies at the center's services market (market studies, optimal budget, media planning, design, production of information and advertisement materials, media publications using standard and non-standard media);

  • Turnkey organization and running of commercial sporting and entertainment events (development and approval of sporting event procedure, involvement of arrangers and facilitators of competition events, creation of referee panel and secretarial desk, medical support and safety control, organization of event security, engagement of creative artists, technical staff, financial and economic support (cost estimate for sporting competitions), catering, accommodation and transportation service, contest opening and closing ceremonies, preparation of final protocols and reports, press releases.

  • Fund-raising - search for sponsor funds for socially significant projects (programs, actions), sponsoringapplication of technologies to ensure efficient sponsorship (development of sponsor packages, sponsor's PR and advertisement campaign as part of an event, preparation of sponsor participation reports for projects;

  • Management of ticket sales process for sporting and entertainment events (tournaments, cups, championships)advanced web-based sales, preparation and support of automatic ticket sales points (printing of tickets with personalization, individual perforation designs; software bar-coding for individual numbers reading by payment and access systems).

  • Management of financial and reporting information on the operation of PCC, SLC, TC using custom-designed software: gathering and registration of payments in ticket offices and electronic sales points, instruction of tariff plans variety, bonus systems, payment systems selection; workload monitoring.

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